Missing Pieces

Do you ever feel like you are missing pieces of the puzzle to connect all the aspects of your business? I understand this feeling often. Every time I think I have a handle on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest or Instagram one of the pieces are missing. So back to the drawing board/tutorial I go. I watch the tutorial on my Ipad while having that page up on my PC so I can follow along. I start and stop the video over and over to get each step correct. I make changes to my page to try to get more followers or more sales. I post X times per day per recommendations of the experts. I engage with the people who are nice enough to comment on my post. I search for Viral pins and videos to entice people to come watch me. Just when I think I got this, the plan changes and I find there's another piece of the puzzle missing that I need to get more visits to my page.

Last week it was Instagram. Learning to post several times a day. Find ways to capture someone's attention for the micro-second your image is on the screen. I search Hashtags and Keywords on several sites. How many ways can you say wreath? Dozens and dozens. For those silly people who think you just put a picture of your beautiful wreath on Etsy that people will flock to it and buy it...No No No You have to research SEO's, keywords, descriptions, prices, what's trending. This week I will tackle Pinterest.. Another piece of the puzzle.

Do I get frustrated, HECK YEA! Am I giving up> HECK NO! I love making wreaths and signs and being a Creative as one of my coaches call us. I love watching my numbers go up, they're called Analytics. Who knew? I do now. I know that watching that graph with your numbers go up is pretty exciting.

Do I have all the pieces to the puzzle? Not even close. Heck I don't even like puzzles. I want to throw all the pieces across the floor on lots of days. But I can tell you when I find one of those pieces that fit and I see the number go up I am thrilled. I'm excited when I see that someone has accepted my invite to my page. I beyond excited when someone post a Like and says something positive. Day by day I get more pieces of the puzzle to fit together. Sometimes I have to try a different spot, another place to see if that piece will fit and I'll get those people to respond. Do I get to hear the Cha-Ching that says I sold a product? Not as often as I want but I know it will happen. I love what I do every day. I love creating something beautiful from a pile of ribbons and mesh. I love watching it shape and form. Sometimes I have to walk away from it to get a different perspective. But I'll never stop searching for those puzzle pieces to make the whole picture come together.

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