Well I have been sidelined for 2 weeks because I hurt my back and basically have been halted from doing any crafting. Not sure what I have done as all I was doing was bent over to look at something and POW severe pain in back radiating down my legs.

I have had back surgery in 2011 and have had little pain since then. Needless to say I am worried about whether or not I hurt something that requires surgery. I am going to a Chiropractor tomorrow who does Decompression and hoping that will fix the problem.

I have been making several wreaths and signs using my Chalk Couture. Business is slow so that is not good. Ready to make some sales to make room in my shop for 4th of July Wreaths. Still working on my training every day trying to learn more on running a business. It is still challenging daily to learn how to utilize computer skills, email list, opt-ins, blah blah blah. On top of all that I have to try to figure out Quick Books to start keeping track of my inventory, sales, expenses, etc. Wow my brain may explode. But I am determined to master all these things and not let it keep me down. So we keep on swimming.

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