Small Victory

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

I have been trying for several weeks to learn how to set up Many Chat on my Facebook page. This feature helps me to get people subscribed to my page and allows me to send out messages when I am going to do a Live video on my page.

Well I watched the training video over and over and over again. Asked numerous questions of people on my groups, asked my business coach...What am I doing wrong? Numerous people attempted to help me but I just couldn't get it set up correctly. I was frustrated to the point of tears several times. I wondered, "Why can't I figure this out". I followed the video step by step, took notes, etc. Well thank God I have such a patient coach who looked over the pictures I took of every single step I took. I was putting a button where it didn't need to be. So simple if you know what you are doing and understand the terminology. For someone who didn't understand the internet, Wi-Fi, opt-ins, Viral Videos, etc this has been quite the traumatic endeavor.

The relief and pure Joy I felt when I got my first subscriber was so amazing. Today was Ecstasy, I sent my first Broadcast to my new subscribers and they got it in their Messenger. To some it would be just another day but to me it was Christmas & Birthday rolled into one day!

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