Tech Challenge

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

I grew up in a computer free time of life. When I was in High School I took a Business Machine class and we learned things like 10-key adding machine, mimeo-graph machine, electric typewriter. LOL Now I don't consider 61 as old (anymore) but if someone would have told the 16 year old me that someday I would own a computer, IPad, cordless telephone, or tablet I( would have said you are totally Wonky.) To be honest at that time in my life I really didn't plan on holding down a full-time job for most of my life. But LIFE HAPPENS. I spent 20 years in the Insurance Industry, then shortly as a Postal Carrier. In 1980 I was introduced to my first computer and it was not personal or small. As the years have gone by I have used lots of Insurance Programs but no internet. Actually I didn't use or know the internet till my sister introduced me to online dating in 2001. (Another story) Well I met my husband online and 17 years later we are still very happy.

Now I find myself at this "young" period of time in my life starting a new business and needing to learn about computers. WOW! Who knew I'd need to know about building a website, ManyChat, MailChimp, Opt-Ins. Yes those are real things. It has been challenging, frustrating and believe it or not fun and exciting. Do I know everything? Not even close. Am I still learning? Every minute of the day. Will I master it? Maybe not Master but I will get it and I will keep on keeping on every day. So don't let the Fear of being Tech Challenged keep you from pursuing your dream.

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